Custom Blob Girl by Anne van Stormbroek


Custom Blob Girl by Anne van Stormbroek


I found these tiny doll sized hair clips! I’ve been looking for tiny clips for awhile, and came across at Kroger. I’m sure they sell them at other stores! Super happy I found these!
(also I took some out, none were missing)


Out for a morning hike, Catrine comes across a little woodland creature. No shame Sunday selfie with a zelfie!


Can any UK followers hook me up with a Rarity magazine figure? I can pay or trade!

I don’t mind grabbing you one! I already grabbed myself one I just didn’t photograph it yet haha


All I need is the Apple Jack eraser then I’ve got the complete set

oh noo these dumpy erasers are too cute I need rarity!! I bet they’re not in the UK though, booh.


Good Evening/Morning Everypony, I have just completed the doll’s modification. Being the first time I have ever attempted something like this, I am very satisfied with the results. My owner has a three day weekend coming up, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about and maybe we can pick up another Equestria Girls doll to mod, I had fun doing this. Thank you everypony for the feedback which helped me decided to take this project on and curve the direction it went, with out the input I don’t think it would have came out as well as a it did. 

woah the decals came out really good, she looks much more like herself! I might have to steal that idea for one of my own customs. Wonderful job!


Barbie takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge [x]


I already posted this somewhere else, but forgot to on here! Say hello to my very first custom pony!

She’s space/moon based, and even her wings are crescent shaped!  I think she was a pretty good first try, even if she’s a little messy!  I hope I can make more customs in the future! 

The wings are such a cute touch! You did a wonderful job!