Zombie Shake Rochelle.some very quick photos. Love the little details like her Notre Dame inspired bag and little brain top hat. Oh and she has claw hands.


I’m offended by how perfect this is


They make sounds


They make sounds


i absolutely adore playmobil and also i love articulated toys like… one articulated part in a toy can give me so much joy and its like a huge game changer for me from a non articulated at all toy like… i saw these dinosaurs from schleich today with articulated jaws and i didnt know schleich does it and wow, so cool and like… if i was to buy a non fast food mlp i always just spy for these articulated crystal empire twilight sparkles even tho im rather not gonna get one because they’re expensive but like… if i was to get a pony it would be one of those. like… its not just about articulation (something with colors… im not even sure) but i really dislike non-princess mold (i love the cadance mold) twilight sparkles except that one… but like… i decided to buy an lps toy because the head looked movable from below and it was really important part for me

I feel that! When I make custom ponies I always make them so their heads can still turn because I have no interest in them if they can’t do that. And Monster High has spoilt me so much now that if a human doll isn’t as articulated as them I get disappointed!(Except Pinky St. Pinky St. dolls aren’t very poseable in of themselves but they’re made up of changeable parts so to get different poses you change to different body parts.)

I love being able to pose toys because I love photographing them looking like they’re doing stuff and living tiny lives.




So I haven’t bought a barbie outfit pack since the Fashion Fever days since playline Barbie has taken a huge downward spiral since then. Plus it’s just *cheaper* to buy a new doll than to spend the money on two and a half outfits (which explains the pile of nude dolls everywhere).

But hey, I’m a huge Midge fan and even though there STILL haven’t been any Midge dolls sold in Australia yet I found this one fashion pack buried in a freshly unpacked box of outfits. The outfits are both full prints and they definitely are really cute preppy outfits which is my kind of style.

I decided to put Deanna and Christie into these outfits cuz they kind of need new looks and their skin tones look so great with the pinks and reds. I’m kinda annoyed the pink sweater has PLEATHER sleeves but the skirt is separate and is a full print. The jeans are a cotton knit fabric with a denim print which I love as it hangs beautifully in this scale unlike the really ugly and thick denim style fabric Mattel seems to love using,

Anyways I think Mattel is finally getting back on track with playline stuff again so get it while the going is great (and then revert to infantizing the line again).

Could you do me a huge favor and try these outfits on some MH or EAH girls? I’ve had my eye on them for a long time but I don’t know how the fit would be.

The fit isn’t *great* but if you can handle the clothes looking super baggy it can sort of work. The pink sweater tends to hang better than the cotton shirt, but with a bit of pinching it can look okay


The pants are stretchy knit fabric so while they’re meant to be skin tight on Barbie on EAH/Monster High they’re just slightly baggy but not too bad. The skirt needs to be taken in a smidge to fit better but as is it could work:


As a side note, it fits MH boys perfectly


freakin out rn because I own that bunny sweater irl??

bad lighting but yea its literally the same except the heart is above the bunnies instead of below

I wonder if this clothes pack is in the UK. I would match hehe



Imperial ice cream.

this is brilliant